WINBACK EQUINE  brings a rapid, effective and long-lasting solution in the care of your horses.


In the fields of sport, physiotherapy and urology, Winback has widely proven its effectiveness in supporting professionals working with complex pathologies.


Results are visible from the first session and are stable after three to five sessions.


A treament once a month will sustain the desired effect.


Treatment is totally non-invasive and painless.

Traitement Winback Equine


WINBACK Academy is the result of close collaboration between WINBACK and professionals. With an intimate knowledge of their manual expertise, their areas of excellence, and the tools they use, we have created togther protocols that produce results worldwide.

WINBACK is intuitive and associates closely with professionals’ own expertise. It therefore enhances the effectiveness of their manual therapy and of whatever other techniques they use before, during and / or after their Winback treatment.

These techniques and equipment include, but are not limited to: electro-stimulation, cryotherapy, pressotherapy, vibration, deep mechanical massage, gymnastics, wraps…

The commitment of the WINBACK Academy is to share its knowledge with professionals throughout the world. Its training courses, forums and social networks are all available to them. This enables them to have discussions, to learn, and to share their experience of the renowned WINBACK technology, a technology which has gained such a high level of professional statisfaction in physiotherapy, elite sport and urology.

Traitement Winback Equine